CBD Vape Cart- 200MG


Broad Spectrum Distillate Vape Cartridges

Made from using pure uncut broad-spectrum CBD distillate and real cannabis terpenes: a clean, efficient, fast-acting and relaxing way to enjoy CBD.

Available in 40% 200mg 0.5ml carts.

Each ccell cartridge provides 200 puffs.

You will need a 510 battery to use these cartridges. You can buy them from us here.

We have formulated 3 CBD flower terpene strains for an authentic experience.

1) Gelato (aka Larry Bird) is a famous hybrid strain from Cookie Fam and Sherbinski. Gelato gives users an uplifting, relaxing experience. Gelato has a sweet flavour similar to sherbet, blue berry and fruity orange. 

2) Zkittlez (aka Zkittles) is an award-winning strain from the US that's bred to burst, sweet tropical fruit, and candy flavors. Primarily Indica the effects are calming, happy, and relaxed. 

 2) Wedding Cake, also known as "pink cookies" is an Indica dominant strain that is known for its euphoric relaxation. The flavour profile has a naturally sweet taste that makes for a pleasant "all-day" vape experience. 

What are some of the benefits of CBD cartridges? 

Vaping CBD is the quickest and most bioavailable way to feel the effects of CBD. Kanaco CBD cartridges are made from using uncut CBD-rich hemp distillate which put simply means,  there are no nasties, no VG or PG and no flavourings. Just high quality. broad-spectrum CBD and natural cannabis terpenes. The ccell vape cartridge fits with all ccell batteries.

What are Cannabis Terpenes? 

Cannabis terpenes (terpenoids) are what give cannabis the famous herbal aroma, it's been shown to work in synergy with cannabinoids to produce therapeutic effects. For example. certain terpene profiles can induce relaxation or focus - this works in the same way aromatherapy does and has been shown to synergistically complement the cannabinoids found in cannabis which enhances its effects. 

At Kanaco we have chosen some of the best terpene profiles to use in our CBD carts - this works alongside the CBD to enhance the effects for customers and the finished product is similar to what is available in the legal cannabis dispensaries found in the US. 

Want to learn more about Kanaco CBD carts?

Our 510 vape cartridges are compatible with most vaping devices and electronic cigarettes. Each CBD cart contains 1ml of uncut distillate and cannabis terpenes. The distillate Kanaco uses is broad-spectrum - meaning that it contains a range of cannabinoids found in the plant but doesn't have any THC present. This product is not designed to get you "high" but it's formulated for full-body relaxation and induces a state of calm focus. 

The ccell cartridges are designed to work on any 510 vape ccell battery which is one of the most used devices to vape CBD distillate and THC distillate in the US.

Kanaco vape cartridges are formulated in the UK and distributed from our London distribution unit. Our products are also available in a select few CBD specialist retailers within London if you want to find out any more about our range of products please feel free to email us at info@kanaco.co.uk.

Why buy Kanaco CBD cartridges?

Kanaco was home to some of the first CBD flowers in the UK (and London) such as; Blue dream, Hawaiian Haze, and Lemon Haze. Since then we have developed safer and more regulation friendly ways of enjoying popular CBD flower strains. Vaping removes the need for combustion which leads to harm reduction when inhaling CBD vs smoking CBD flowers. It's a lot easier to use ccell cartridges and you still get the benefits and synergy of the extracts working holistically (this is called the entourage effect).

If you're looking for a CBD vape oil we recently collaborated with the London Cannabis Club and Orson Boon to bring back the popular "g" CBD e-liquid. Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD and is a refreshing blackcurrant, lime and mint flavour. Perfect for a relaxing evening!

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