Pure - Hemp Tea


Pure Hemp Tea

High Strength Recovery

Organic CBD-rich Hemp Flowers.

Let the power of CBD get to work on your mind and body with this anti-anxiety blend for those needing a calm focus the day ahead. 

- Made using unbleached paper tea bags

- High grade organic hemp containing full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes

- Naturally caffeine-free

- 10 large CBD tea bags 

Suggested use: Place Kanaco hemp tea in your cup and cover with hot water. We suggest brewing for 3-5 minutes. Pure hemp tea has been made using the highest grade CBD-rich hemp flower, a blend of different strains that contains a high amount of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavanoids to give the user a pure hemp experience. We recommend this blend for those wanting a high strength CBD drink, great for strength and recovery. 

Did you know? You can add a little bit of coconut oil to increase the bioavailability of CBD and we encourage users to double brew Kanaco tea for maximum effects.

Read about more of the benefits of pure hemp tea here.


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