Top 5 CBD Industry Innovations

Top 5 Innovations in the CBD Industry As with any new industry, the need to grow and become more innovative is starting to hit the CBD industry from all sides. New technologies and products are becoming available at a rapid rate. These interesting CBD innovations are helping the industry meet...

How CBD Interacts With The Human Body

How CBD Interacts with the Human Body In today’s fast-changing industry of cannabis and marijuana, CBD— or cannabidiol—is a hot topic. While it’s a very common term in the industry, many people don’t know what CBD means, or how it actually interacts with the human body when it’s used. Here...

Full Spectrum CBD  vs Isolate CBD - Kanaco

By now, you've likely heard of CBD - but what is all the hype about? This article takes a look at some of the science of how CBD interacts with the human body.