Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD

Isolate vs Full Spectrum


The difference between CBD isolates and full spectrum CBD is almost night and day. Isolate refer to an individual CBD molecule that’s been extracted, whereas ‘full spectrum’ refers to a multitude of different active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant such as CBC, CBN, CBG and even plant terpenes.

The main difference you may feel with full spectrum CBD that you won’t with CBD isolates is something known as the ‘entourage effect’. This is when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes work in synergy to create an even more powerful experience.



Just like anythiCBD Oil Tincture, Kanaco Londonng, what works for you is entirely subjective. You may find that CBD isolates alone work well enough for you, or you may find that full spectrum cannabinoids are required to give you your desired effect.

A 1981 study concluded that full spectrum extracts produced 330% more activity in the human body than THC isolates alone. This was the first study that was carried out that made scientists realise how powerful the effects of the non psychoactive active components in cannabis really are.

Kanaco's product range is made using organically farmed full spectrum cannabinoids to ensure you get all of the active cannabinoids packed into a simple to use tincture, capsule or edible!

Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD

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