Kanaco is proud to introduce Pro Skater Sam Beckett to their Athlete program.

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We’ve been fortunate to have spoken with a number of top athletes about how CBD can speed up recovery and promote longevity in high impact sports. The benefits are clear for athletes who take CBD, it’s been documented to help with recovery, injuries, positive mindset and generally taking performance to the next level. We are proud to announce our first official Kanaco team member Sam Beckett. Sam is a professional Skateboarder, having been hurt after an ACL injury he’s back on his board and preparing for 2020 Olympics. We met Sam for a coffee earlier this year and gave him some CBD supps to help with the recovery process.


After winning the UK vert series in 2008, Beckett moved to California the following year to further his career. Whilst living there, he joined the Dew Tour and became the first British skater to land a 720 on a vert ramp. In 2015, Beckett won his first two medals at the Summer X Games, placing third in both the 'Vert' and 'Vert Best Trick' competitions. After this initial success, Beckett turned professional and returned to X Games 2016, this time winning the 'Vert' competition outright with his second run in the final, scoring 89.33 in the process.

Sam Beckett swimming in a lake

Photo credit: https://www.griffphotography.co.uk/

We sat down with Sam to ask him a few questions about how he manages to stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically...

K: Now that you’re back on your board (and shredding) are you now preparing for Tokyo 2020 and what challenges are you facing to get back in the flow?

 S: I’m not really thinking about Tokyo to be honest. My priority is my body and being as healthy, mentally and physically, as I can be. Getting back to skating and doing what I love is the main goal really. So, the Olympics isn’t really my focus. Just my health and happiness and I think all other things will follow. 

K: How have you been using mushrooms and CBD to help recovery and what sparked your interest into this plant-based approach to medicine?

 S: I’ve always been into natural ways of healing and keeping healthy. I think what you put in your body is really important. I’ve seen friends get sick with an addiction to pain killers and stuff like that. I believe that nature can provide in all manner of ways. Plants and mushrooms are fascinating and there are so many benefits and possibilities. Why not use these natural medicines?

 K: What’s your favourite Kanaco product?

 S: I’m currently taking the oils in the morning with my coffee and I usually take some in the evening after I’m finished skating and I’m a big fan of the balm with the lavender and I think it’s important to massage/ touch and care for injuries like that. It keeps your body’s focus on that specific spot or injury. And it smells good.

 K: What is your experience with taking Kanaco CBD supplements?

 S: I actually started using some CBD products when I was out in California. I don’t smoke as I don’t much like the effects of THC. But I did get into using some CBD balms and oils. And for the last six months basically. After my surgery, I was lucky enough to receive a care package from you guys and that has helped me along the way the last 6months.

 K: Being 27 years, do you have to approach skateboarding differently than when you were younger. For example, a lot of skaters seem to be more mindful about warming up, stretching, training and diet etc.

 S: Completely. Things have changed a lot in the last 5 years. Injuries and constant travel take their toll on your body. I’m much more conscious now that this body has to last me a lot longer than being a sponsored skateboarder. So i’ve become far more interested in all aspects of my health, Mentally and physically. I try to eat well, sleep well and just generally give my brain and body the love and time that it needs.

 K: Do you do any meditation, visualisation or anything to get ready for a big skate session?

 S: I try to do a bit of meditation in my daily life not specifically for a contest or whatever. I think skating is mainly mental, especially competing and pushing your limits. It’s basically all in your mental approach. So like I said earlier, when you’re mind and body are in the right place everything else follows.

 K: Any other things that you do outside of Skateboarding that you find have a positive impact on your life or Skateboarding?

 S: I think that having other interests and hobbies keeps everything fresh and exciting. Basically, doing and exploring things that make you happy. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of foraging, studying mushrooms, photography, cycling and general trying to learn. A little bit forestry work with my dad. I try to keep outdoors to be honest. Greenery and fresh air bring the most happiness into my life.

We have some filming planned with Sam over the next year - watch this space!

If you know of anyone involved in high impact sports - we are looking for athletes to join the Kanaco team. Please email info@kanaco.co.uk with any recommendations 

Sam Beckett Skateboarding

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