Climate change, tree planting and why we plant a tree with every customer order


Like it or not, all living humans and animals have an impact on our environment. We evolved to eat the food provided by the plants and animals around us. Sustaining ourselves involves nature, science, and economics and It works very well when the system is in balance.

We'll take a look below at the reasons why economic expansions have knocked  Earth's climate out of balance.

The main contributor to climate change is CO2 (carbon dioxide). Increasing CO2 levels is directly linked to countries who industrialise - something which began back in the 1770s. The second, larger global wave of industrialisation and economic expansion post WW2 caused CO2 emissions to increase even faster.


Global CO2 emissions

Photo: Chart showing the global rise in CO2 emissions which coincide with nations industrialising. 

Although it's unlikely we will ever reach a zero carbon footprint, as a species we have a lot of room for improvement and in our eyes, we should start with the actions that have the biggest positive impact. 

How can we help climate change? 

The increase in CO2 is linked to population growth, more transportation, use of fossil fuels and emerging economies like India and China. This effect is made worse by deforestation because at the same time CO2 is increasing, our forests are decreasing. Trees and vegetation play an important role by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. 

When we take a breath, we pull mostly oxygen and nitrogen into our lungs. When we exhale, we breathe out mostly carbon dioxide. Trees can take in this carbon dioxide and use it for photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, the tree takes light from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground to make energy. Oxygen is released as a byproduct. 

So trees help neutralise the excess CO2 in the atmosphere. So what's the solution? 

Tree Planting.

Kanaco will plant a tree on your behalf with every order to help offset climate change.

After researching the most impactful ways to combat climate change and looking at what projects to support, we came across the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar. It's a great cause that has planted over a million mangrove trees to date.

Tree planting and climate change

Photo: newly planted mangrove trees.

And why is it we are planting mangrove trees? 

The Eden reforestation project explains: "In 2019 a joint letter from 11,000 scientists declaring a climate emergency, singled out restoring mangroves as a major natural climate solution. They store four times as much carbon as a tropical rainforest. Three-quarters of all tropical fish are born amongst their roots." 

We're pleased to say Kanaco is now planting a tree for every time a customer makes an order and would like to thank you for helping make a difference.

Under water mangroves and fish.

Did you know, like mangrove trees, the hemp plant is a more efficient CO2 offsetter than regular trees and takes roughly the same amount of CO2 out of the atmosphere? We look forward to when hemp growing regulations are relaxed and we can benefit from everything the plant has to offer (not just CBD)!

If you want to learn more about the Eden Reforestation, how we can help climate change and tree planting watch the video below:


See Kanaco's virtual forest that shows all of the trees we've planted then click here: Our Trees


Climate change, tree planting and why we plant a tree with every customer order

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