3 Arguments Why Cannabis Should Stay Illegal Reviewed


So why is Cannabis Illegal?

The 3 most common arguments to keep Cannabis Illegal are

1) Cannabis is a strong drug 
2) Cannabis is a gateway drug
3) Cannabis is addictive and unhealthy

The video at the end of this article unpacks these arguments in detail and shows that science doesn't support these claims.

When will cannabis be legalised in the UK?

Cannabis does have some negatives when used regularly but the same can be said for many substances like alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. 

It's no secret that the strength of cannabis has increased over recent years as high THC weed is big profits for dealers on the black market. Many draw the comparison of smoking THC rich cannabis and drinking strong alcohol, like vodka and whiskey.   

What if upon legalisation people consumed cannabis that had a more balanced THC: CBD profiles. What if by taking a lab-tested, controlled dose of cannabinoids in a soft gel capsule, gummy, or vape form they got the equivalent effect of having a glass of wine or a beer?

Although research is still ongoing, cannabis and 80+ active ingredients (named cannabinoids) within the plant continues to show promise for treating disease, pain management, and epileptic seizures, etc.

The quicker that the UK government legalises cannabis the faster the research will develop and people will have safer ways to consume cannabis. Taxation of products means society benefits and cannabis education improves.

So when do we think cannabis will be legalised?

In 2019 Blair Gibbs was made special advisor to Boris Johnson. Blair is a big advocate on cannabis legalisation so we suspect we will begin to hear more about legalisation in the run up to the general election on 2nd May 2024. 

Here is a beautifully animated video that unpacks the 3 main reasons that cannabis was originally made illegal.  

video courtesy of kurzgesagt.org


3 Arguments Why Cannabis Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

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